About the shows

Owen the Great Magician performs shows for Simcoe County and surrounding areas.

Owen has been asked to perform many different types of shows. He has taken the most commonly booked shows and has put them into a short list with brief descriptions so that you can find the right show for you. If nothing below fits your needs or or if you would like to alter the standard shows please feel free to contact Owen and he would be more than happy to arrange a show just for you.

Birthday parties for young and old

Owen most often performs a 30 or 45 minute show for ages three and up. If it is for a kids' party, the birthday boy or girl will be secretly instructed before the show on how to do a top secret trick. Then later on in the show he or she will have a chance to come up to perform the trick for friends as a wonderful addition to the show.


Holiday shows

Owen will perform a show for a holiday event such as Christmas parties, New Year parties, Special events and more!

Stage Shows

Owen will perform magic for a large audience that includes world class illusions and magic that will have the entire crowd laughing. Owen will also bring a sound system so everyone can hear.

Adult shows 

Owen provides an hour long show geared for a mostly adult audience. He normally performs close up magic including cards, coins, cups and balls, bill to balloon, mentalism effects and much more. 

Corporate Events & Weddings

For more information about Corporate events and weddings click here:

Family shows and events

Owen has a show that has been created specially for the family audience from anywhere between a small gathering to a neighbourhood. The show is one hour long and has comical tricks that both kids and adults will enjoy such as the hippity hoppity rabbits, spooky tricks with flying silver balls to knuckle busting sleight of hand that even the most skeptical person will be amazed at. 

Walk around magic

Owen will perform walk around magic for groups of people at a time for however long you want. He will carry around close up magic for the adults, and will also carry around several tricks that kids will be able to follow.

Balloon sculpting

Owen also provides balloon sculpting as an add on to any one of your shows. Owen can make Hats, Dogs, Swords, Rabbits, Swans, Giraffes and more.

I hope this page has been beneficial in helping you find the right show for your event. But again I would like to say that these shows are not set in stone and are made to be changed for your needs.

Owen the Great