Owen the Great


"Owen the great" performed at my son Daniel 5th birthday party, we were very pleased and impressed with his professionalism and fun magic tricks:), he had over 25 kids and he managed to keep them focus and entertained for over 30 min, we totally recommend him, he is a great entertainment for all ages, my son can't wait to see him again! 

~The Guerin Family!!

"Owen the Great Magician has been a wonderful entertainer for our library!  He provided amazement and excitement for our customers during our first birthday celebration at the Painswick Branch of the Barrie Public Library.  Thank you Owen!"

~Barrie Public Library

"Owen you were a big hit at our recent Halloween party. You kept the guests mystified at your magic tricks and engaged with your out going personality. You were so well appreciated that when it was time for you to end, the 40 or so guests gave you a well earned standing ovation. Thanks for being a part of our fun night."

 ~ Dr.Don

​"Owen The Great. Boy was I not ready for you today! I'm 39 years old, I have been to magic shows before, and I saw you and thought, oh yes a kid with a few simple card tricks. WHOA! You really had me stupefied! Never underestimate OWEN THE GREAT"

~ Chris Bailey

"Owen's performance was thoroughly enjoyable!  We were very impressed with his professionalism and his ability to engage the adult crowd with his wide variety of tricks. He had the whole audience laughing with his great sense of humour and we were constantly wondering what he would do next.  “I look forward to seeing another of Owen's performance in the future!” (says a March of Dimes L.I.V.E. Conference delegate)."

~March of Dimes

"We first heard about Owen the Great in the Springwater News, we were so trilled as we immediately knew he would be the perfect addition to our Halloween theme Weekend at Barrie KOA. Owen was so professional and a truly great talent! The campers of all ages loved his show and his use of the audience in his performance. He certainly kept everyone guessing and wanting more. Awesome job!"

~ Barrie KOA Campground

"Owen has been coming with his parents to our magic shop since he was a very young boy.
Right from the outset Owen was obviously serious about magic. What was unique then and now about Owen is that he always seemed to focus on presentation rather than just the moves/sleights. That is, Owen -- even at a young age -- knew that the most important part about magic was the experience the magician gives to his audience through his or her magic tricks.
During these years Owen has performed his tricks for real audiences over and over again. And as such has fine-tuned his show so that audiences young and old go home being mystified and having some fun at the same time."

~Jeff Pinsky,

Browser's Den of Magic,

Toronto, Canada.



“Owen the Great lives up to his name! He delivers compelling entertainment as he displays his virtuosity with cards, balloons and scarves. The most riveting illusion, however, involves Owen being tied up and chained, put inside a large sack, and emerging very quickly thereafter. Houdini would be impressed, and so was I!”

~Beth Foster (OELC course director)

"Owen's magic is amazing and time after time, I'm left scratching my head and trying to figure out how he did what he did when I was watching so closely. Sometimes I wonder if Owen's greatest illusion is making it seem like he's only fourteen years old, because his magic has a much older feel to it - as if he's been practicing it for the last twenty-five years."

~Gordon Lugsdin

" I just wanted to say thank you again for performing at our company party on July 5th. Everyone thought you were fantastic and I was very impressed with you and your assistiant's professionalism, skill, and overall entertainment value. All the kids and adults at our event of 60+ people had an excellent time during your show. You did a great job at engaging and interacting with the audience. I would not hesitate to recomend your services to other companies or individuals looking to have a unique entertainment feature at their next event."

~ Advanced Motion & Controls LTD.

"Owen was amazing! No Matter how many times you watch his magic, he still blows your mind!"


"Owen the Great Magician performed at the Carlisle Country Craft Show last year (2012) and he certainly had his many audiences walking away scratching their heads and wondering just how he did those tricks! He is a dedicated 12 year old magician who has been fascinated by magic since he was very young. Owen has mastered many feats of magic already and is always working on new tricks when he is not perfecting his piano performances - another of his major achievements! We hope that he is planning to return to our 2nd annual old-fashioned market and mercantile show in Carlisle, ON on August 24th & 25th, 2013"

~Joy Cehovin

"Owen is a great performer. His love of magic delights audiences of all ages. I especially love the trick he does with three ropes of different lengths -- or are they three ropes of the same length?"

~Joan Hawkins